Never Miss A Moment

Safe spaces
for parenting tools.

Live Connected is a safe space for parents to access parenting tools, value adding information & reliable lifting service for all school transportation needs.


Create and manage your daily schedules.


Assign tasks to your community members.


Track locations during pick-ups and drop-offs.


Communicate instantly during trips

Created by working parents

An app created by working parents who understand the challenges and benefits of children and parents of staying connected.

Features for your
peace of mind.

As working parents we have created an app with the full understanding & appreciation of the challenges and joys of parenting. Live Connected will enable you to:

  • Create & manage your child schedule
  • Receive alerts as activities are done – know where your child is
  • SMS & email alerts on arrivals and departures
  • Connect and communicate with both the child & care giver
  • Get feedback on care giver from service providers – register your providers

It Takes a Village

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In this harried 21st century culture – it’s strange how such an antiquated concept has remained so true. Whether it’s your au pair, helper, driver, eldest child, husband, sister or neighbor – our villages are critical in helping us raise our children.

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Add & manage your daily schedule
Assign your schedules to your community member
Instant communication with your community
Share milestones
Book a tutor
Unlimited administrators
Track your community member during journeys